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Top Farm, formerly known as Townsend Farm or End Farm, is one of the oldest houses in the village, thought to be of the seventeenth century. Until the 1790s, it was owned by John Stevenson, from whose executors it was bought by the Faircloth family. They lived and farmed there until 1834.

The oldest maps show buildings in the area of the present Newton Hall, but the first Hall seems to have been built only in the 1850s. The earlier buildings, near the present lodge, may have been among the cottages which constituted CHURCH END, a once distinct part of the village.

Beyond the Metalwork School and not as far as the house now called Manor Farm House was a lane linking Dovehouse Close and Town Street - a kind of Back Lane. (Many villages had a main street, often called Fore Street and a Back Street or Back Lane). The present Manor Farm House was called the Dower House by the then very elderly Miss Stubblefield in the 1930s. I think it was probably built early in the nineteenth century for the occupation of Mrs. Faircloth of Townend Farm, after her husband's death, for her lifetime only; that is, it was her dower house. Upon her death, it was acquired by the Hurrells. During the nineteenth century there were, at times, two Hurrell households in the village. One would have occupied the Manor House, and the other this house.

The brook has been a notable feature of Newton. The Church and the Manor, ancient sites of occupation, stand close by it and, no doubt, in the distant past, it would have provided the water supply necessary to the establishment of any human settlement. The earliest mention of the brook is in Trinity College documents of the fourteenth century in which it appears as HOPPEFORTHEBROC (1308) and HOPPEFORDEBROKE (1323 ). In 1540, it appears as HORFORTHBROKE and as HOFFER BROOK in 1757.

These are extracts taken from the set of three booklets. 'About Newton, the Five Went Ways' , 'About Newton, Town Street' and 'About Newton People'.by Jessie Hall, Copyright 1987.

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Skating at Newton Hall Pond
Drawing of dovehouse
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