Email Addresses
Parish Council Chair Henry Hurrell   870322
  Clerk Joe Oaks   870954
Drama Society Secretary      
Sports & Social Club Steward (evenings only) Shanie   871898
St Maraget's Over 60s Club Organiser Mary Cornell   872120
St Margaret's Church Churchwarden/choir Joe Oakes   870954
Village Rooms Secretary James Harbord

Village Rooms Bookings Jackie Warne   07747 166569
Village Website Webmaster Tony Peck
Women's Institute Secretary Diane Oakley   871092
All phone numbers start with 01223 unless stated
Please contact the Parish Clerk with any changes.
If you would like this list in large print please contact the Parish Clerk.
Other Information
The mobile library calls at Newton Green on alternate Wednesdays - 10.00am to 10.10am
Rubbish bins are normally collected on Friday, alternate weeks for black/green
There are paper and glass recycling facilities adjacent to the village rooms.
The local authority websites are: Cambridgeshire County Council :
South Cambs District Council:
Cambridge City Council:
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