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It has been my experience that, far and wide, whenever Newton is mentioned, people murmur happily, "Oh - the Queens Head !" It was probably to provide for the needs of travellers rather than those of local people that the Queens Head was established. The building is officially "listed" as early eighteenth century and the first victualler was licensed in 1728 (see Appendix 2). Village people would have been in the habit of obtaining any ale not made in the homes from ale-houses. These were ordinary houses, marked sometimes by a bush hanging outside, where permission had been given by a magistrate for the sale of home-brewed ale, " but not during the times of Divine Service" !

Perhaps the establishment of the Queens Head changed the social life of the villagers to some extent. Travellers would certainly have brought news of distant places and events. Perhaps some villagers would have gathered there to talk and drink; but Newton was always a small village where most of the men were employed on the land at very, very low wages, and probably had little to spend on conviviality. The Short family, early in the 1960s, initiated extensive restorations and improvements and, over the intervening years, have made the Queens Head a very attractive village pub with Egon Ronay listing. It is probably better known now than ever before in its history.

from "Recognizances for Victuallers" :

1728-1729 Michael King of Newton
1730 no entry for Newton
1731-1738 John Rule of Newton
1739-1752 no records
1753-1779 Anthony Allcock of Newton
other sources including nineteenth century directories
1787-1789 Thomas Mitchell
1791-1806 Edward Ashby ( an Edward Ashby
1807-1826 Edward Ashby ( was entered in
1827-1828 Thomas Kidman ( the 1851 Census ( 95 !
In 1847, 1858 ( as a widower of & 1865 John Howard

1879 Peter Stubblefield
1892,1904 & 1908 Mortimer Smith
1916 Miss V.J.Smith
1922,1926 Mrs. Caroline Smith
1929,1933 Miss V.J.Smith
1948 John Morris
1954 Sidney Bowditch
1960 Norman Mills
1962 Clifford Henry Short
1971 David Martin Valentine Short

These are extracts taken from the set of three booklets. 'About Newton, the Five Went Ways' , 'About Newton, Town Street' and 'About Newton People'.by Jessie Hall, Copyright 1987.

These Booklets are on sale at St Margerets Church and The Queens Head - all proceeds
to the Church Funds.



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